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Coaching Services

Modern Muse Intensive Coaching   

Intensive coaching offers you support, accountability and guidance toward realizing your writing dream of making your manuscript publication-ready. During our 9-12 month intensive program, you will submit up to 50 pages/month. Our coaches will read your submissions and offer written feedback and suggestions. Service includes  phone or Zoom consults after each submission and a special in-person, two day retreat to read aloud and polish your final draft.  

Mindset Proessing

Mindset Processing

Clearing Writers' Block

Identifying habitual fear-based thoughts paves the way for releasing old beliefs that don’t serve your writing and replacing them with empowering beliefs that allow you to find your voice and bring your story to the page.

Using energetic practices and tools, we identify conscious and unconscious blocks to writing – resistance to keeping a regular writing schedule, doubt about the power of your voice or message, old belief patterns about imposter syndrome, perfectionism, the impossibility of making a living as a writer, and other fears, doubts and worries that hamper the creative process. 




Visioning a Book into Being

In this session we “vision quest” to determine the full scope of your project, exploring the original seed of the idea, the genre and point of view that best supports it, and the most effective structure so you write the best possible version of your book. 

Then we craft a “roadmap” for writing -- including creating a writing schedule, exploring coaching support options, and setting goals for completion. Visioning sessions run 2-3 hours.

Vision Quest and Clearing Package

Both of the services above can be combined for a discount.

Editing Services


Developmental Edits  

Our editors will read your manuscript and provide a letter detailing ways to strengthen theme, plot, narrative development, characterization, setting, tone, voice and writing style, providing you a clear roadmap for revision. After you have read through our suggestions, we'll schedule a 60-minute meeting via Zoom or phone to review, brainstorm and talk through your questions.  


Estimate will be determined by work sample provided. 

Line-by-Line Edit

A thorough line edit will pare, polish and elevate your prose, making your words come to life on the page. Our editors will provide you an in-depth line-by-line of your full manuscript and hold a 60-minute meeting via Zoom or phone to review our suggestions, brainstorm and answer questions. 


Estimate determined based on work sample provided.

Developmental and Line-by-Line Package

Both of the above at a special discounted package rate.   

Copy Edit 

A Copy Editor will clean up syntax, grammar, spelling, etc to prepare your work for publication. Estimate determined based on work sample provided.

Proof Reading  

A Proof Reader will polish grammar, punctuation, capitalization, formatting and on-page layout etc as a final polish to prepare work for publication.


  • Chapter One Critique and Feedback: Submit your first chapter (up to 4000 words) and our editors will read it closely and provide you a 1-2 page letter detailing  your work’s strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement. 

  • Flash Fiction/Short Story Critique: Submit your story or flash pieces (up to 4,000 words) and our editors will provide you a 1-2 page feedback letter detailing its strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement. 

  • Picture book Critique: Submit your Picture book (up to 1000 words) and our editors will provide you a 1-2 page feedback letter assessing age appropriateness, readability, story arc, characterization, pacing, other strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement as well as line by line edit of your story via track change. 

  • Screenplay Critique: Submit your screenplay and our editor will provide you a feedback letter detailing the works strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Poetry Critique: Submit up to five poems and our poetry editor will provide you a feedback letter, revealing new layers of meaning in your work as well as detailing its strengths as well as  opportunities for improvement.

Ghost Writng


Modern Muse provides ghostwriting for creative and nonfiction and fiction projects.

Beta Reader Management

Beta Reader Management


We provide Beta Reading services including identifying beta readers, crafting questionnaires, collecting feedback and summarizing findings to ensure that your manuscript is market-ready.

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